Einstein's BRAIN Wheeled Out As Part of Educational Freak Show

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest Wellcome Collection show is all about the human brain and what we've done to it over the years. One of the highlights for brain enthusiasts will be the chance to see two small slices of the brain that powered Albert Einstein to glory.

You probably won't learn much about the great man from looking at a thin slice of his brain, but the rest of the exhibit, which promises to focus "on the bodily presence of the organ" itself, ought to be fun. Gruesome fun, actually, with a section dedicated to the many horrific ways science has tried to physically treat brain illnesses over the years.

The image above, of a man getting his head prepared for opening with what looks like a form of tin opener, comes from a fantastic trailer for the event embedded above, which is well worth viewing even if you're only a casual brain fan. [Wellcome Collection via the Guardian]