Fake Chinese Official Android Shop Mainly Sells... iPhones

By Gary Cutlack on at

This bonkers retail experience has been spotted in China, offering would-be Android buyers a way to check out plenty of Google models in a completely pretend official Android shop. And it also sells some iPhones and iPads, because you've got to hedge your bets in these difficult times.

The shop, spotted by blogger Isidor, is in the Chinese village of Nanping within Zhuhai city, advertises itself as being the "Celebrities Smartphone Experience Store" no less, offering a choice of Android and unofficially stocked Apple products for buyers to choose from.

Who's going to be annoyed the most? Google, for the blatant unofficial use of its branding to create an unofficial official shop, or Apple, when seeing its precious iOS devices flogged under the enemy Android logo? [Isidor's Fugue via The Register]