Finally, You Can Book Cinema Tickets Online Without Rip-Off Card Charges

By Sam Gibbs on at

Going to the cinema these days is expensive enough, but it doesn’t half cheese you off when you get a massive extra fee of up to £4.20, just for booking online with your bloody card. Thankfully it seems someone’s finally wised-up to the fact that we’re just not having it any more, as Cineworld’s dropped all card charges.

Cineworld’s dropped booking fees for pre-booking your tickets online or through its iPhone or Android apps, saving you between 70p and £4.20 depending on your card. The good news doesn’t stop there though, the cinema chain is also offering a 10 per cent discount on tickets booked online through MyCineworld.

Let’s hope the other cinema chains (here's looking at you Odeon and Vue) across the country follow suit; cut charges, and start competing a bit more on price. Going to the flicks is pretty damned expensive these days, although that could just be rip-off London. What’s the average cinema outlay in your neck of the woods? [This Is Money]

Image credit: ell brown from flickr