Finally, You'll Be Able to Tweet From Spain Without Taking Out a Mortgage

By Sam Gibbs on at

First the House of Lords said no to rip-off roaming charges, now the EU has put its foot down too. The European Parliament has just agreed to cap roaming prices from July this year bringing calls, texts and data charges across Europe down to a more stomachable level so your Facebooking antics don’t have to stop at the border.

From July the maximum roaming charge that can be applied per megabyte will be just 59p, with calls costing you 24p per minute and texts capped at 7.5p each. What’s more, by July 2014 we’ll be able to shop around for the best local network deal and sign-up for a separate mobile contract in another country using our existing numbers – totally cutting out your home network from the roaming equation. 2014 will also bring with it caps of just 16p per megabyte, 15p per minute for calls and 5p for texts.

Considering you can still fork out some horrendous sums for data roaming, this will finally bring holiday data within reach of your normal, non-business punter. I’ve been stuck trying to scab Wi-Fi on the streets of many a European city over the years because of the sheer expense of mobile data while roaming. I can’t wait to see this come into force. Finally, there’ll be no more getting lost while aboard for me thanks to Google maps. [BBC]

Image credit: Holiday call from Shutterstock