Five Crazy Ways Machines Can Maim You Horribly

By Sam Gibbs on at

Machines are great. Whether you’re sawing, blasting, drilling or sanding, they make almost everything we use today and they're awesome. In fact, they’re probably essential to humanity’s survival at this point, but that doesn’t mean their hard metal whirrings can’t destroy your puny flesh and bones.

NOTCOT took a trip to the WESTEC manufacturing machine convention in LA to snap some of these beauties. From CNCs, 3D printers, water jets, robots and, of course, welding tools, they’re all potentially lethal in the most comedic way.

Watch out for those gears -- getting sucked through grinding cogs has just got to hurt.

Ah the old favourite; getting fried by high-voltage electricity -- there's just nothing like it.

Blimey, you wouldn't want to get in the way of this spinning shaft thing. If taking your legs and arms off wasn't bad enough, stoop low enough and your head's a goner too.

You've just got to love things that rotate at high-speed. You didn't want that hand anyway, right?

You heard the sticker -- don't mess with a barman's mop, or something like that (probably some sort of bar bending thing).

That's just five of the weird and wonderful warning stickers on display at NOTCOT, so jump on over there to view the rest. If you've got any personal faves from the crazy realms of health and safety, shout out in the comments. We could all do with a good laugh on this boiling Wednesday. [NOTCOT]