Five of the Craziest iPhone Cases Ever Conceived

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’ve seen some seriously useless or just plain fugly iPhone cases in my time, but none of them have been as nuts as this tidy little collection from the readers of Engineer vs Design. It held a 3D printer competition for the most absured case concepts people could come up with. There are 180 in all to browse; some awesome, some pretty dumb, but here are five of my favourites.

The iKnucks, because when that mugger goes after you phone he deserves everything he gets.

The iNose, because you know how stuck-up some Apple buyers can be.

The iFlail, because you never know when the riots are going to kick-off again.

The iPooperScooper, because if you have cats you'll know (unless you let them outside like regular house owners).

The Pomme de Terre, because we do love a good spud, and if you can have a bottle opener attached to your iPhone, why not a spud peeler?

That's your lot for now, but be sure to browse the full archive over on Thingiverse for the most weird and wonderful cases you'll see today. I really wish I could buy the iKnucks; an iPhone case and self-defence system all in one. Awesome. [Engineer vs Design via Make]