Four-Player Splitscreen Will Take Minecrafting-Chaos to New Heights

By Sam Gibbs on at

Minecraft is an awesome, make-your-own-fun game that is simply better played with friends. Now you’ll be able to ratchet up the fun with four-player splitscreen on the Xbox courtesy of the XBLA version for even more creation-chaos.

They’ll be an eight-player online multiplayer mode, which means you can take Minecraft into the four-on-four, sofa-versus-sofa realm. You won't be able to create with randoms though, as it’ll be limited to just your friends list “to keep it friendly” – probably a good idea given how many abusive 13-year-olds there are on Xbox Live.

Map access will be controlled by one user, with others able to access that map whenever it’s online – a bit like running your own Minecraft server. The XBLA version will also come with a re-designed inventory interface, which is more geared-up for a controller, plus they’ll be achievements and custom avatars.

4J Studios, a Scottish developer, is handling the port, which is scheduled for “spring 2012”, so hopefully there won’t be too long to wait for Minecraft-loving Xbox fans. [The Guardian]