Free Apps Nuke Your Battery Serving Those Infuriating Adverts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some interesting research on the power use of Android apps has pointed the finger at ad-supported apps for killing our phone batteries, with the software often spending more power on working out our location and downloading adverts than running the actual app itself.

According to scientists at Purdue University, Indiana, the popular ad-supported Android version of Angry Birds uses only 20 per cent of the total energy it takes from the battery on displaying and running the game, with a massive 45 per cent of power in fact used by the app telling your phone to find your location then download specific adverts.

Once the ads are there, the 3G connection stays open for a further 10 seconds, draining yet more power. In some cases, the apps tested were using as little at 10 per cent of the energy consumed on running themselves, with the rest of your battery disappearing via some ad server in the sky. [New Scientist]