Galaxy Nexus-Owner Who "Smoked" the Windows Phone Gets Public Apology and More

By Kat Hannaford on at

Microsoft has seen the light -- or rather, felt pressured by the shitstorm of blog coverage their little travesty of a "smoked by Windows Phone" promotion caused -- and has given the Galaxy Nexus-owner the free Windows laptop he deserved to win, plus a Windows Phone and a public apology. Well, on Twitter, but still!

If you missed the story yesterday, Sahas Katta of Skattertech showed up at a Microsoft store in the US and participated in a competition they were running at the time, which had the rather obvious-and-desperate aim of embarrassing owners of non-WinPho devices. If someone could take on the store's WinPho and do a challenge in a faster time, they would win a Windows laptop.

This is exactly what Katta did, but Microsoft reneged on its promise, by claiming that actually, the challenge required him to open a weather app and show weather from two different states. Uh-oh.

Anyway, Microsoft's evangelist Ben Rudolph apologised to Katta on Twitter, so all's fine and dandy again. Right? Well, it does make us wonder how many Joe Bloggs were denied their freebies, and don't have the appropriate platforms (ie, a tech blog or Twitter account) to kick up a stink about the unfair competition. [@BenthePCGuy via The Verge]