Galaxy S II Owners Could Get a Boost to Ice Cream Sandwich By the Middle of the Month

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all the rumours of the Galaxy S III, it’d be easy to forget that the Galaxy S II is quite a formidable champion of Android in its own right. Now it looks like Galaxy S II owners are going to get a tasty treat for Easter as rumoured – Ice Cream Sandwich is headed your way around the 15th of March.

This little creamy titbit comes out of Samsung Israel’s Facebook page of all places. Galaxy S IIs in Israel, both unlocked and network-branded, will get the upgrade to Android 4.0 on the 15th of this month.

Israel uses the international version of the Galaxy S II, which is the same as the one donning UK-pockets right now, so we should see the update either on the 15th or hopefully very soon after. There’s life in the second-coming of the Galaxy S yet, even if I am hankering after the 3rd iteration. [Samsung Israel via Android Community]