GAME Becomes Another "Woolworths" as Half Its Stores Close On the High Street

By Sam Gibbs on at

GAME Group officially slipped into administration this morning, but the repercussions are only now starting to rollout – 277 of the company’s stores will close with immediate effect, while anyone with anyone with a gift card is fat out of luck, at least for the time being.

The remaining 333 stores will remain open for now, while a buy-out deal is hopefully formulated. While I haven’t been into a GAME for some years now, it’s a sad day for those suddenly out of a job – around 1,600 people in total. On the brighter side, if you’re after some cheap games and consoles, keep your eyes peeled. We might find the rest of the GAME stores sent into a Woolworths-esque fire-sale where literally everything must go, including the store fittings. [FacebookMCV]