GAME Chain About To Go Bust?

By Gary Cutlack on at

GAME Group's share price has plummeted to less than the cost of a scratched old copy of Gran Turismo 2 (without a box or manual), as the troubled high street chain is forced to admit it still can't source stock of some new titles and is "uncertain" what its future may hold.

Shares in GAME Group fell an astonishing 63 per cent this morning, down to a new low of 1.2p from 62p this time last year. This latest confession of corporate suffering follows previous problems, which have seen the chain fall out of favour with publisher Electronic Arts, resulting in this week's high-profile launch game Mass Effect 3 not being stocked by the shop.

GAME says it's considering selling off parts of the company, but warns: " is uncertain whether any of the solutions currently being explored by the board will be successful or will result in any value being attributed to the shares of the company."

GAME Group also owns the Gamestation chain. Twitter is currently on fire with rumours of some amazing sales at the shops, which would appear to be dumping stock off on the cheap pending an imminent collapse. [GAME]