Giant Radio Telescopes Tune Into the Stars

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The visible light comprises a minuscule fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Radio telescopes allow us to observe what cannot be seen, like microwave background radiation—the echo of the Big Bang. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 18 of the most expansive intergalactic listening stations.

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Arecibo Observatory Aerial.

ESO Submillimetre, Chile.


P-400 Ukraine.

Standing inside the dish at Jodrell Bank.

Underneath the mesh at Arecibo.

Ooty Radio Telescope.

Jodrell Bank.

Parkes Radio Telescope.

Chilbolton radio telescope, UK.

Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope WSRT.

Russian Spektr R space-born radio telescope.


Bell Labs Horn Antenna, NJ

Green Bank Telescope, the largest steerable telescope in the world.

Mount Pleasant Radio Telescope, Tasmania.

TNA-1500 radio telescope, Russia.

South Pole radio telescope.