GiffGaff Buggered For You? The Network's Borked (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like we spoke too soon about the growing pains and issues being over. GiffGaff seems to be out across the country for a whole host of people and it’s due to a power outage.

According to a GiffGaff Educator from the network’s forums, the outage is being caused by a power cut at one of its suppliers. It’s causing service disruptions and making people’s balances and Goodybag statuses read as zero.

"We have discovered the cause of this outage is due to a power outage at one of our suppliers. We do not have an ETA on a resolution, but this will hopefully resolved soon. They will need to restore power, and then the engineers (who are already on their way there) will reboot all the required systems."

GiffGaff is taking to the company’s community forums, the life blood of the network, to reassure customers and give regular updates on the progress. Still, it’s a bit disappointing to see the network taken out yet again, even if it isn’t all GiffGaff’s fault, especially given the reassurance we got that it wouldn’t happen again. Let us know if you’re having connection issues, and we’ll hold a group therapy session for those suffering the withdrawal symptoms of being offline. [GiffGaff]

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Thanks Pete!

Update: Looks like the outage isn't going to be fixed any time soon. Apparently a burst water main is to blame:

"We have identified the cause of the power outage. A water mains pipe burst at our suppliers causing a power outage. Unfortunately we still do not have an ETA for you."

Update 2: We've had an official response from GiffGaff over the outage:

"One of our third party suppliers has suffered a power outage as a result of a burst water pipe causing loss of service to our members. This is a serious issue and as a company we are taking this very seriously. We are in constant communication with those fixing the problem and are making sure our supplier is dealing with this as a matter of urgency. Our team is working hard to keep our members continually updated through our community forum and social media channels as the situation develops. We appreciate that this is extremely inconvenient for our members and offer our sincere apologies as we work to fix this problem."

Sounds like it's really out of GiffGaff's hands how fast this gets fixed. Apparently data should be working for some member, but voice and texts might still be out.