GiffGaff's Borked Network Outage Forces Unmetered Calling and a Charitable Donation

By Sam Gibbs on at

GiffGaff’s hoping to appease those right-royally pissed off by its network outage gaffe last week by bunging a community-chosen charity a £10,000 lump sum. That, and gifting users unmetered calling for a bit.

The network explained that the water leak, which caused a power outage and took down the network, actually targeted the server that handles the credit checking system. The “SDP” checks to make sure everyone’s got credit or goodybags left on their account before it connects calls, data and text messages. As a network you have two options when the SDP server goes down: you either switch everything over to unmetered access and therefore bypass the SDP altogether; or just leave your network buggered.

Apparently, GiffGaff could build a redundant SDP system just in case, but that would add a pretty penny to the network’s shoestring running costs, and therefore tariffs. Instead it’s just going to put into place an unmetered access plan for the future. That way there’ll still be an outage, but it’ll be resolved for users quicker, while allowing GiffGaff time to bring the server back up and restore the network to normal, should something similar happen again.

At the time of writing, Macmillan Cancer Support is leading the charity poll, but if you’re a GiffGaffer you’ve got till the end of the week to make your vote count. Does that sate those of you still fuming from Friday or do you still want blood? [GiffGaff]

Thanks Jack!