Google Maxes Android App Size From 50MB to 4GB

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has multiplied its Android Market app size limit by a huge factor, taking maximum game and app sizes up from their current 50MB limit to a whopping great 4GB potential total size.

The best thing about this for Android users is it means we'll now see actual file sizes reported on the Android Market, with no shock requests to download huge unexpected chunks of data once the initial APK file is installed.

There are some technical caveats, though. The actual APK file remains limited to 50MB, with Google setting up a new system that lets app developers use two additional 2GB "expansion files" to house extra data. Google also says only "most newer devices" will be able to use this feature, with older phones still using the current system of downloading the additional data files the first time you boot the app or game.

Also, Google's 15 minute refund window now starts once the entire download has finished, which is handy. [Android Developers -- Thanks Darrell]