Google May Add a Very Retro "Buy" Option to its Play Store Film Rentals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google may soon add the option to buy copies of films through its Google Play Store, with the search giant apparently talking to Hollywood studios about the likelihood of being able to offer digital downloads of titles for its users to keep.

Sources quoted by Cnet claim the move could perhaps even be a contractual requirement put upon Google by the movie studios, who could have agreed to allow Google's current rental scheme to go ahead in return for a future, significantly more lucrative, move to offering full RRP sales of digital films.

The idea of encouraging us to pay to "own" films in a rather transient, mobile digital format seems like a rather odd thing for Google to do, though. A bit last generation, isn't it? Especially with Google's recent re-branding of the old Android Market designed to promote the movement of all your stuff into the cloud. [Cnet]