Got an Original iPad? Here's How to Install iPhoto and iMovie Without Jailbreaking

By Sam Gibbs on at

Can’t afford one of those shiny new iPads, but still want to give the new iMovie or iPhoto a whirl – all you need is the free iPhone configuration utility and you’re good to go, Apple be damned.

It’s pretty easy to get working – simply buy the app in iTunes, install the iPhone config utility (Mac or Windows), and hook your first generation iPad up. As Apple Insider tells it:

Once the utility is installed, you can plug your iPad in via USB and select the apps you want to manually install by adding them to the library. After you buy the apps in iTunes, they'll be within your Music folder under iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications.


Once they're in the Configuration Utility library, you can click the Install button for each app from the Application tab of the device you want to install them on. The utility will copy the files over, and the app will then appear on your iPad and work normally.

Of course you’re missing a camera, a bit of horsepower and RAM, but both apps will run, if not quite as well as they would on the iPad 2 or the new iPad. [Apple Insider]