Grab Some Free Wi-Fi While You Sip Your Pint

By Sam Gibbs on at

O2's just announced it's teamed up with a whole host of pubs to give drinkers free Wi-Fi. It's signed a three-year deal with Harvester, Toby, Carvery, O'Neill's, All Bar One and others to shove its free O2 Wi-Fi into 1,600 pubs and restaurants across the UK, so you can be antisocial while you muse over your beverage of choice.

Harvester will be the first to be granted the gift of free Wi-Fi, rolling out in early summer, with the rest of the drinking institutions being upgraded before the end of 2012. The Wi-Fi will be free to all after a "simple sign-up process", so you don't have to be locked to O2 to bury your head in Twitter while people attempt to talk to you.

Let's hope it's fast enough to get a bit of streaming F1 action in the pub -- sounds like the perfect Sunday race day to me. [O2]

Image credit: Wi-Fi hotspot from Shutterstock