Hands On With the Mu Folding UK-Plug USB Charger

By Sam Gibbs on at

I got a bit excited when I saw that the awesome folding UK-plug concept had actually made it into production – so excited, I plunked down my pre-order forthwith. Now it’s here, so is it as awesome as it looks?

It really is tiny, at least for a UK-plug equipped gadget. At 14x55x60mm, it has about the same footprint as a full sized plug when folded down, but is only as thick as a single AA battery – this thing is small. In fact, the extremely compact new Apple iPhone power adapter dwarfs it, and I thought that was already pretty minuscule as these things go. It’ll easily fit into any bag you happen to be carrying and won’t skewer your prized possessions because the plug prongs are all but enclosed when folded up.

It’s made of a white, slightly textured plastic, and feels light at just 41g, yet solid in the hand. The doors that fold out to reveal the plug prongs are equally solidly built, as is the turning mechanism that rotates the prongs to the right configuration, giving you the feeling this thing will last well.

As a USB power pack it works great, and yes it will charge an iPad, at least at the non-10 watt slower rate that any iPhone charger would too. In fact, it’s pretty standard as a USB charger goes and powered up everything I threw at it including razors; battery backup power packs; phones; tablets, and a camera.

It’s a nice piece of product engineering, and looks like something Apple would produce. It’s fantastic to see a great concept like this, that was born-in-Britain, make it onto the open market and into our hands. Is it worth £25 plus delivery? Probably not, but it’s an absolutely great start, and if you’re in need of a compact portable mains-to-USB adapter, then it’ll do the job well.

Now about that ordinary folding plug, when are we going to see that on our everyday products?