Healthy Dessert Cigarettes Sound More Addictive Than Normal Cigarettes

By Casey Chan on at

Smoke cigarettes? Bad! Eat desserts? Bad! Smoke desserts? Uh, good...? That's what Vaportrim, a dessert e-cigarette, promises. Yes, I just said dessert cigarette. Vaportrim is an inhaler that's supposed to taste just like desserts but without the fatty calories and guilt. A dessert you smoke that fulfills your sweets craving? Sign me up.

Vaportrim is marketed as a healthy alternative to desserts, a sort of diet tool people can use to suppress their need for delectable treats. Breathing is healthier than eating. The idea is that by smoking treats like Vaportrim, you'll be able to feel full without even eating because Vaportrim's research has shown that 75 per cent of what you taste is from what you smell. Inhaling the smell of desserts via Vaportrim would still "send taste receptors to your brain which releases hormones that tell your body it's full". Like you know how when you eat a lot and get really full and then smell food and you feel even more stuffed? It's like that but without the eating part. I think.

Anyway! Of course Vaportrim could be using vapor science to reach these conclusions but with smokable flavors like Apple Pie, Blueberry muffin, Chocolate Strawberry, Cinnamon Bun, Maple Pancakes, Peach Cobbler, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Cupcake and more, who cares. You're smoking a Cupcake cigarette! You're breathing dessert air! Wait a minute isn't this just like fancy pants hookah...

Vaprotrim comes in 14 different flavours with each dessert cigarette lasting for 50 servings. Unfortunately, while they are willing to sell to dirty foreigners, they're only shipping to US addresses at this time, so get one of your Yankee pals to hook you up with a cinnamon bun (non)cancer stick or two if you really must. [Vaportrim via XO Jane]