Here's a Fully Working Tron Light Cycle You Can Actually Buy For Charity

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever since watching Tron Legacy, I’ve had a deep-seated craving for one of those awesome light cycles. We saw they were being produced last year, but now one’s up for auction for just £14,455 currently, and it’s for charity too.

Charitybuzz is holding the auction in the US, which ends in just over 12 days and will ship to the UK. The bike is one of Parker Brother Choppers’ creations, which will clip along at 50mph for 100 miles, all electric. If you’re not a fan of the battery and motor type, you’ll apparently have the option to change it if you win. Evolve Motorcycles sells the bike for just under £32,000, so you might be able to snag yourself a bargain here.

Now, where did I put that stash of cash for a house I was saving for? [Charitybuzz via Gizmag]