Here's Woz, Waiting in Line for His New iPad

By Jamie Condliffe on at

There's a fine tradition of Steve Wozniak waiting with normal folk to pick up new Apple products, and today is no different. This time, Woz is second in line — beaten to the front by his wife.

"My wife was the first, I was the second. We came at about noon. We're used to Northern California where the stores lines start early," he said to What's Trending. "It's become a ritual almost because I've done it so many times. It's not something that I have to do. Nobody need to wait in line. You can pre-order… But I'd rather be there genuine like the real people. I want to be one of the people lined up and wait all night. Apple's just that important to so many of us." Word, Woz. Word. [What's Trending ]