How Do You Make at Least £63,000 a Day? Rip-Off Pictionary and Shove It on a Phone

By Sam Gibbs on at

We saw Words With Friends take Scrabble and run with it like crazy. Now Draw Something has taken the ideas behind another board game classic, Pictionary, and has fired them into the mobile social gaming world, netting the developers an impressive £63,000 a day minimum in the process.

The game pits your artistic wits against a partner, who has to guess what word you’ve attempted to describe with your on-screen sketches. Apparently some 3,000 finger-drawn abominations are being sent per second via the free or paid-for app on the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android, using the “message-in-a-bottle” style asynchronous turn-based play. Draw Something has racked up an impressive 30 million downloads on the App Store, with about 15 million people addicted and playing daily.

So there you have it – if you want to earn a hat-full of money every day, all you need to do is rip-off a classic board game and make it into a social turn-based game for the iPhone and Android. Hungry Hippos on your phone anyone? [Develop]

Image credit: Money from Shutterstock