How Much Is a Jar of Marmite Worth to You? How About £1,800?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Love it or hate it, Marmite is an iconic British staple. Apparently the Kiwis love it too. Unfortunately the factory that produces it in New Zealand had to be shutdown because of an Earthquake, causing the whole country to quickly run dry. Now yeast extract-starved Kiwis are forking out a colossal £1,800 each online. That’s one expensive tub of Marmite.

Before you get any ideas, the Marmite they get over the other side of the world is different from our own sticky black gloop. New Zealand’s Sanitarium, which sounds more like a toilet to me than a food company, produces the stuff there. Still, you might be able to market it as “like New Zealand Marmite” or something. It’s worth a punt when just one sale might be enough to buy you two top-specced new iPads.

Production is hoped to kick-off again in July after repairs are done to the Sanitarium factory, so you’ve got till then to try and extort Marmite-craving Kiwis. At any rate, according to our resident Australian, Vegemite kicks both Britain's and New Zealand’s Marmite-covered arse. [Metro]