How to Turn Your Hoover Into a Hover Craft

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Cleaning is dull. But don't worry, there's a solution: turn your Hoover into a hover craft. Not only is it a great displacement activity, it'll also make cleaning your place easier. Double win.

Over at Make there's a detailed guide that leads you through the process of turning your Hoover into a machine that floats effortlessly along the ground. It's a simple idea: it just directs the vacuum's exhaust air downwards, providing some upthrust in order to help it glide along smoothly.

It's not a complicated process, though it is a little fiddly in places. Aside from a suitable vacuum—which needs to have a separate exhaust outlet—and a spare vacuum hose, you may well have the kit you need to do it floating around your home. If not, all the stuff you need is relatively cheap.

Apparently, you'll be left with a Hoover with the exact same suction capabilities—it'll just be a hell of a lot easier to move around. Please, please get in touch if you decide to give this a try. [Make; Image: Helga Weber]