I Don't Understand This Story, But It Happens In a Place Called Raccoon Township

By Jesus Diaz on at

A man living in Raccoon Township—the only place in America where everyone sneaks into everyone else's kitchens to steal food and trash the place wearing bandit masks—has been arrested by the police accused of hiding a listening device under his wife's bed. OH WHY, YOU ASK?

To catch her having an affair? No. Here's the story:

The wife who found the device under her bed was living in the same house as the husband. They had been separated for some time but they lived in the very same house, just slept in different beds.

Of course, you don't need a recording device to catch your wife cheating on you while you are living in the same house. The reason is more practical: the husband explained to the police that he just wanted to know if the wife and her boyfriend were screwing in her bedroom before getting into the house. The poor man said he was tired of entering the house and listen to their noise upstairs, so he installed the listening device. I imagine he would tune into Radio W-IFE before arriving to his home and, if he heard them having the sex, he would go at the bar or wait outside or whatever you do in those cases.

When the police contacted the husband he said: "I guess she found the transmitter" even before they asked any questions. That's terribly sad. It's also another symptom that shows how bad the economy is: there are many couples who can't go live their own lives because they can't sell their homes or afford to rent separately. Imagine that, having to live with your ex and having to listen to her or him having sex just because it's not economically possible to split for real.

That really has to suck, so I fully understand this guy's desperate measures, even if I wouldn't have taken that route. [Times Online]

Update: As a reader has noticed, Raccoon Township is in Beaver County. I just wanted to add that. Thanks.