ICO Nukes 20,000 Spammers' SIM Cards For Good

By Sam Gibbs on at

Getting less spam texts recently? You can thank our good ol'Information Commissioner’s Office. It’s finally put its newfound muscle into practice and has blocked 20,000 SIM cards responsible for bombarding us poor folk with around eight million spam texts a day.

I don’t know about you, but I recently started receiving a whole bunch of spam on my phone – upwards of six messages a day. Unlike spam email, which is incredibly easy to block or simply filter out with today’s modern systems, there’s almost no way to pre-emptively block the bastards; they'll even wake you up in the dead of night if, you leave your phone on. There are tweaks and apps available for Android and jailbroken devices once you know the number the crap is coming from, but if you’ve yet to stray to the free side, then you’re fat out of luck.

Still, it looks like the ICO has our backs for once, and I’m glad to hear it. There’s nothing more annoying than a bloody spammer. [BBC]