If Microwaves Can't Make Food Taste Good, They Should At Least Look Good

By Adrian Covert on at

We don't need much out of our microwaves. Those leftovers will be soggy and rubbery regardless of how good it is. But its convenience is indisputable, and if it's going to take up space on the kitchen counter, it might as well look good. Enter Big Chill's Microwave Oven.

Looking as if it was pulled from an atomic home feature in a 1950s issue of Popular Science, the tapered and splayed legs, along with the rounded corners of the orange border give the microwave that mid-century modern feel. But the stainless steel body brings the microwave right back into the 21st century. But there's a question to be answered: is this microwave worth throwing down close to £400 for, in the name of home decor? [2Modern]