Instantly Turn Your Phone Into an Impromptu Microscope With Just Water

By Sam Gibbs on at

Water and phones aren’t normally what you'd call a marriage made in heaven; apart from the new Japanese waterproof phone invasion we’re waiting for of course. But a single water droplet can turn your crummy phone camera into an instant microscope able to capture amazing images for absolutely free.

All you need to do is place a small droplet of water over the lens of your camera phone, then let surface tension and the optical properties of the humble live-giving liquid work their magic.

The larger the droplet the more magnification you get, and while the edges get a little blurry, you can get some really amazing shots out of it, as Alex Wild shows on Scientific American. Be careful though, we know how much devices like the iPhone love water. Best to try this very carefully indeed, or wait for the waterproof Panasonic Eluga to arrive on our shores. [Scientific American]

Image credit: Microscope from Shutterstock