iPad 2 Is Your Antiquated Tablet Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Hosanna! It’s New iPad day, and scores of gadget-hungry chancers have been queuing up outside Apple stores to get their oily paws on the new machine when it went on sale at 8am this morning.

But if you’re not prepared to pay the minimum of £399 for the new iPad and aren’t all that arsed by its new features, you could cop for a brand new and completely-fine-actually iPad 2 for £100 less. If you’re quick enough, you can nab the 16GB version of what until yesterday was the state-of-the-art iPad. Yep, brand new and yours for only £299. Makes more sense than standing in a queue outside a shop for ten hours if you ask us…


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Potential Post Office credit card cashtransfer loophole
- New Kindle with free case and £10 voucher – only £89.
- 4x3 multi function ladder with platform – just £39.99.
- Sony S Tablet – only £299.
- Packard Bell laptop – yours for £399.97.
- Inception (triple play) – only £7.99.
- 2TB Hitachi Touro desktop hard drive – only £79.99.
- Madden NFL (Nintendo 3DS) – only £4.99.
- FUJI Finepix L55 (refurb) – just £26.99.
- Official PSP Go cases – from £2-£2.99.


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