ISPs Lose Appeal Over Digital Economy Act's File-Sharing Crackdown

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rumblings over the UK's Digital Economy Act are nearing the end game, with the Court of Appeal denying an attempt by some ISPs to edit the terms of the new internet policing laws.

TalkTalk and BT were asking the courts to remove certain sections of the DEA that covered piracy and questioning the Act's legality, specifically requesting the Court of Appeal orders a rethink of the requirement of ISPs to help pay for the costs of managing appeals of those thought to be illegal file sharers.

That appeal has failed and the DEA has been deemed compatible with European law, so it's all go for implementation. There is, however, still the possibility of the ISPs taking their complaint to the Supreme Court and dragging it all on for another year or two. [Guardian]

Image credit: Networks from Shutterstock