iWork and iLife Apps Now Take Advantage Of the iPad's New Features

By Andrew Liszewski on at

To take advantage of its fancy new retina display, higher res camera, and boosted processor, the iWork and iLife apps for the third-generation iPad have also been updated. And since that new display will make working with photos a treat, Apple also introduced an iOS version of iPhoto.

While they weren't demo'd at today's event, the iWork apps, including Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, have all been updated to take advantage of the new iPad's high-res display, and will continue to sell for £6.99 each with free updates.

Garage Band now has something called Smart Strings and a note editor with heavy integration to iCloud allowing you to save your creations to the cloud and easily share them. The app has also gained the ability for musicians to collaborate and play with other musicians in real-time over a wireless connection.

iMovie will also take advantage of the new iPad's ability to finally record videos in 1080P. In addition to being able to automatically generate trailers, filmmakers will be able to mock up and plan out storyboards before they start shooting, presumably using stills from the iPad's camera. But if you haven't been a fan of Apple's recent UI endeavors which make everything look like a pocket day-planner, you might be disappointed by iMovie's gratuitous use of binder rings.

Apple is also introducing iPhoto to the iPad's repertoire. For £2.99, available today, it turns the iPad's standard Photos app into a mobile version of Photoshop Elements. Letting you use multi-touch gestures to adjust exposures, paint out blemishes, crop, straighten and navigate your galleries. It's even smart enough to group similar photos together, and can handle images up to 19MP in size from your DSLR if you need to perform a quick edit or adjustment on the road.

You can also create photo journals, which are of course heavily dependent on templates, but it makes it easier to create a more captivating way to share the photos from your recent travels. And like iMovie, it's heavily connected to iCloud and social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: Macworld