Jetpack Guy Versus Race Car: Everybody Wins

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Even though jetpack pilot Nick Macomber gets smoked by this Renault Megane RS in a 400 metre race, it doesn't matter. Jetpacks will one day be the de-facto mode of transportation because they're awesome and I say so.

In fact, Nick is able to get up to around 62 miles per hour in the jetpack, but he loses this race because he first needs to get to a safe height of around 50m off the ground. And since he's only got about 30 seconds of fuel on board, he can't just hover around aimlessly in the air waiting for the race to start. But, stunts like this are just precursors to the day when Formula One replaces stock cars with jetpacks. Mark my words, it's gonna happen. [ via Geekologie]