Kick Your Car Boot Open in 2013

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ford is embracing new levels of laziness in a future model of its Kuga, which will let users kick the back bumper to open the boot.

Obviously there will be some safeguard against just anyone hoofing your car open for a laugh. It'll have to detect the presence of your key first and you'll need to have paid out the extra for Ford's keyless locking system, but comply with all of the above and you can kick your car in the arse to make it open up.

Here's Ford's bizarre fairytale involving a scenario in which you might want to do such a thing:

"Have you ever approached the boot of your car laden with shopping bags and then had the heart-sinking feeling that you have to down the bags and root around in your pockets or handbag for the keys? It might be pouring down with rain and all you want to do is stow the shopping quickly and get into the vehicle. It’s a scenario faced by consumers up and down the country and while it might not ruin a day on the high-street, it can certainly leave a bad taste for the journey home"

Another first-world problem solved. The motion sensor has been designed to look for specific leg motions too, so it shouldn't pop open when you reverse a bit too close to a bollard. [Ford UK]