LG L3 Does Dual-Core on a Budget This Month

By Gary Cutlack on at

The first of LG's L-Series models is scheduled to launch in the UK this month, and while it's no quad-core monster, you do get the interesting combination of a dual-core processor running a small 3.2" display.

LG's spec sheet reveals the L3 is running on an 800MHz dual-core processor, which ought to make mincemeat out of the Android 2.3 OS that comes pre-loaded on it. Some corners have been cut, though, as the camera inside this stylish little thing is only a 3megapixel unit, plus LG's only put in a paltry 150MB of internal app storage memory.

Also, the QVGA (320x240) resolution of the display means the screen isn't going to look anything like as sharp as the L3's tidy case. But still. Should be cheap. LG says it's launching in Europe from this month. [LG]