Logitech UE Air Speaker: AirPlay Speakers Go Mainstream

By Mario Aguilar on at

The Logitech UE Air Speaker is an AirPlay-enabled, tabletop number that hopes to set itself apart from the recent deluge of AirPlay speakers out there with an app that automagically sets the speaker up on your home network.

Specs are a bit thin on this thing other than the fact that it has AirPlay, a dock connector, and a 3.5mm out, but it'll probably be on par with other Logitech docks, which can fill a small room with sound, but would never be mistaken for a powerhouse.

At £299 the UE Air Speaker might run into a price problem. Logitech's iPod docks are generally a good deal for the money, but if they weren't so cheap, the plastic construction would be a hard sell. People simply aren't used to paying £300 for Logitech-anything. This speaker is actually more expensive than some of the competition and given that Logitech moves lots and lots of units, we were hoping the company could have brought down the price point of AirPlay speakers to something regular people could afford. Expect to see the UE Air Speaker sometime next month, nonetheless. [Logitech]