LOL at How The Internet Happened

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Life Online exhibit, which they would like us to shorten to LOL, is a new installation at the National Media Museum in Bradford. It takes visitors on a physical walk through the timeline of the invention of the internet, from the late 1960s to where we're all sat on our laptops and mobiles today, complaining it's still not fast enough.

As well as talking to some of the pioneers of internet hardware and software, the exhibit wants to underline the "social, technological and cultural impact" of the web in all its forms. It'll do this by creating a series of physical timelines visitors walk through, while being bombarded by multimedia presentations and all sorts of graphics.

The Museum has also created a very interesting series of videos which are also on YouTube, explaining a lot of the back story to the technology that helped bring the internet to life. The actual exhibit opens tomorrow, if you're anywhere near Bradford. [Life Online via BBC]