Me in My Place: Pictures of Beautiful Women in Their Underwear, Inside Their Homes

By Casey Chan on at

Have you seen Esquire's photography series 'Me in My Place' by Michael Edwards? It shows celebrities (usually in underwear) inside their homes. It feels intimate and revealing, like we're seeing another side of them. The Me in My Place webapp is the same idea but for regular women. It's lovely.


What does it do?

Me in My Place isn't your traditional app, instead it exists for subscribers (£6.50/year) on the web. Just point your smartphone's browser to and you can sign up/sign in and see pictures with a touch of tasteful teasing erotica. Michael Edwards does update the regular website with pictures but the app comes with exclusive content (pictures, videos) that can only be found inside the app. It's more beautiful women at what is probably their most revealing, inside your smartphone.


Why do we like it?

I'm not sure I have to repeat myself but again, people of the internet, lovers of beautiful things, this is an entire app filled with pictures of normal and beautiful girls inside their homes. There's nothing to not like about it! Edwards' photography is awesome too, most photographers might go the easier route of revealing too much but Edwards makes viewers want more. It's a combination of mystery, sex appeal and beautiful women. Wonderful. [The Hundreds]

Me In My Place costs £3 for a month's access