Microsoft Has Two New Xboxes, a Good One and a Rubbish Cheap One

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is apparently planning to launch two new Xbox versions in the coming years. The first will be a cheaper unit with Kinect support, designed to keep the new "casual" market happy. Then the more powerful, proper Xbox 360 follow-up will arrive much later, to keep the "core" element amused.

This news comes from a random Reddit user and therefore also with some large buckets of salt in tow. The supposed source once again claims Microsoft is planning to use AMD hardware to power its next-generation system(s), which still seems like a leap too far into the worlds of fantasy.

The first Xbox machine to arrive will offer "arcade-style games" and will launch in late 2013, with the "true" Xbox 360 sequel for the hardcore gamers set to launch much later. [Reddit via BGR]