More Crazy British Whale Trail Tales Are Just an Ebook Away

By Sam Gibbs on at

Remember that funky British-born iPhone and Android game Whale Trail that sold gangbusters and was a melding of warped-minds between ustwo and Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals? It’s just grabbed a book deal from Penguin. Move over you stinking Highway Rat, Willow the whale is on her way to mess with your colour-loving minds.

Penguin’s bought the global publishing rights to Whale Trail, partnering with ustwo to write the stories. A digital picture book will be first out of the blocks in October 2012, followed by more in both ebook and physical form next year.

Whale Trail’s rise was astronomic when it launched, but everything that goes up must come down I guess. Unfortunately the game failed to stay the distance and ended up not earning back the £300,000-odd in sales it needed just to break even. I was a fan of the original game, so hopefully a book deal will put ustwo into better shape for some more crazy-psychedelic-awesome games like Whale Trail. I’m looking forward to seeing just how weird and wonderful these books are going to be – I’m hoping for some Captain Pugwash-style hilarity judging by the character mock-ups up top.