Move Over Segway -- There's a New Awesome Personal Transporter In Town

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever since I saw the awesome cars that could move sideways in I, Robot, I’ve longed for the day when your standard one-axis tyre would be relegated to the scrap heap. Apparently I wasn’t the only one; Japanese scientists have been testing a working prototype of the Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle), which features wheels that’ll move both forwards and backwards as well as horizontally – no more parallel parking hack-jobs.

It was being shown off in Kyoto yesterday in a wheel chair-type format, which could revolutionise disabled transport, but I’m more interested in those fancy side-rolling wheels. Stick them on your car and you’ll be able to change lanes; park in the tightest spaces, and even rotate on the spot tighter than a London taxi. Make it happen Japan – the car is still using the same rolling technology we developed in the Bronze Age – that’s the 4th millennium BC. Time to update to something a bit more 21st century. [YouTube]