Netflix and LoveFilm Added to UK Movie Competition Probe

By Gary Cutlack on at

The arrival of Netflix in the UK and the growth of rival LoveFilm on the film delivery scene could help BSkyB out of its current fix with the Competition Commission, which has asked for more time to consider competitiveness in the UK's broadcasting world thanks to the new streaming upstarts.

Previously, the Competition Commission had provisionally warned that BSkyB had an anti-competitive near-monopoly on the broadcasting of Hollywood content in the UK, thanks to deals it signed with the major movie producers. The CC said it wanted BSkyB's position weakened in some way.

However, now we're seeing LoveFilm and Netflix battling to the death in a war to provide us with more ways to access film content outside of the Sky system, the Commission's taking a new look at its earlier decision, in the light of our new-found love of streaming systems than undermine Sky's paid movie channels.

The CC's updated ruling on what should be done about Sky's movie ambitions, if anything, will be ready by July. [Guardian]