New Pain-Free Needles Will Actually Stab You Twice

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It's counter-intuitive, but a new syringe design could eliminate the pain when getting an injection by using two separate needles that work in quick succession. A technique that could be hard to accept for those who hate being pricked.

The first needle is actually considerably smaller than the second, and delivers a small amount of local anesthesia that numbs the skin around the entry point. Its inventor, Oliver Blackwell, claims the first injection feels akin to a fly landing on the palm of your hand. And by the time the second larger needle delivers its payload, the patient shouldn't feel a thing.

Not only does the new needle design cut down on the number of syringes needed if a patient does require an anesthetic before an injection, but it should also make life for those who have to perform their own injections — like diabetics — a little less agonising. [Oliver Blackwell Industrial Design via BBC]

Image credit: Syringe from Shutterstock