Nokia's Windows 8 Tablet Due Q4 2012, Says Occasionally Correct Source

By Gary Cutlack on at

There have been plenty of rumours regarding Nokia's plans for a Windows 8 tablet knocking about over previous months, with the latest reports claiming a dual-core Snapdragon-powered Nokia tablet will arrive in Q4 of 2012.

The DigiTimes report claims the tablet will be a 10" model, running on a dual-core Qualcomm processor -- presumably the company's new Snapdragon S4, which was shown running Windows 8 at CES in January. Or perhaps the even faster S4 Pro could be ready by then.

Despite Nokia staff previously mentioning a possible launch of a Nokia Widows 8 tablet by June, this latest report claims it's more likely to happen at the end of 2012. Which seems a little more believable. [DigiTimes]