Nope, That's Not the Death Star Sucking the Life Out of our Sun

By Sam Gibbs on at

Space conspiracy theorists have been going nuts over a video taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, saying that a dark sphere visible in the Sun’s corona must be a planet-sized UFO, a world-ending super weapon, or even a tiny black hole. It certainly looks like a large spherical object is sucking the plasma out of our Sun in this video, but according to NASA it’s nothing.

A solar astrophysicist from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre, C. Alex Young, shoved up a video of his own (see below) explaining that the tethered sphere was nothing more than a solar prominence or filament. In fact, what we’re looking at here is the end of a filament tunnel, so it appears from our view point like a black circle because it’s essentially in cross-section.

So, no, unfortunately it’s not ET stopping off at the Sun to fill up his tank before coming to visit. Then again, anything that can stand the heat and radiation of the Sun up that close could easily make mince-meat out of us puny humans, so perhaps it’s a good thing it’s not a Death Star coming to enslave us all. [The Register]