Now You Can Grab Sky Anytime+ on Any Connection

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s continuing full speed with its push to release its content from its satellite lock-in. Sky Anytime+, which lets you stream Sky’s TV roster plus on-demand catch-up from the likes of the BBC, can now be pulled down across any internet connection as predicted, not just Sky’s own-broadband service.

You still need a Sky subscription of course, it’s not Sky Go or Sky’s new incoming IPTV service, but now at least you don’t have to rely on Sky’s slowish broadband if you’ve got blazing fibre in the area. Mind you, most people who have Sky also have Sky broadband bundled-in, so I’m not sure if its actually going to affect all that many – shout out in the comments if it’s any good for you. [Sky]

Thanks Darrell!