Olympus: Nokia's 41-Megapixel Camera Phone is "Nonsense"

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lots of people have been either excited or baffled by Nokia’s 41-megapixel beast it’s slapped into the 808 Pureview. Firstly there’s Symbian, don’t get us started on that; then there’s the why? 41-megapixels in a sensor that small is just ridiculous – utter nonsense in fact, at least according to Olympus.

According to Mark Thackara, Olympus’ national marketing manager, Nokia’s just blowing smoke – there’s no way a sensor that small could produce something that would compete with even a half decent camera. He told TechRadar that while “it's an interesting attempt to get around the problem of cropping images on a phone" pixel binning as it’s known doesn’t really get around the problem of a lack of optical zoom and image sensor size.

"It sounds like utter nonsense. The size of the lens means that the overall quality of the image will still be restricted."

Of course as a compact camera manufacturer, Olympus is a tad biased, although Thackara admits "it is difficult to say too much without seeing the results though.”

I’m sceptical too – megapixels have never been the answer once we got past 5MP. But I’m interested to see what it’ll manage under a range of conditions. It could be stellar, for a camera phone at least. Just don’t force me to take a massive step backwards and use Symbian again, OK? [TechRadar]