Paranoid Contactless Card Users Advised to Put Tin Foil in Their Wallets

By Gary Cutlack on at

The unbelievable Barclays Visa NFC bank card hack has been found to work on cards provided by other UK banks, which lets Barclays off the hook a little, but also now implicates Lloyds TSB and possibly other banks in the incredible contactless card security loophole.

ViaForensics, the security company that created the exploit and blabbed to Channel 4 News about it last week, has tweaked the code it uses, which now means contactless bank cards from Lloyds as well as Barclays can be read with an innocent "bump" from an NFC-enabled smartphone running the hack. Names, card numbers and expiry dates can be pulled out from a few centimetres away, thanks to the magic of NFC.

Once again, Visa says its defence is that the contactless cards don't give out the three security digits on the back of the card, meaning they're unusable through most retailers. Although Amazon doesn't ask for the security digits, so it's currently being held up as where hackers will go to spend your money.

The latest Channel 4 News report on the issue goes so far as to suggest putting a piece of tin foil inside your wallet to protect you from having your details NFC pick pocketed. Yet more proof that country's gone mad. [Channel 4 News via The Register]