PayPal Here Is the Mobile Payment Square-Alternative That We're Actually Going to Get In the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve heard a lot about the Square mobile payment app that lets you take credit card payments on your phone in the US. It always sounded great but never materialised over this side of the pond. Now we’re getting one of our own made by PayPal – PayPal Here.

PayPal Here will enable pretty much anyone with a smartphone to accept payments via credit or debit card. What’s more you don’t necessarily have to have the free card reader either; you can just scan the front of the card with your smartphone’s camera. It’ll even accept cheques (in the initial launch countries at least) by just snapping a picture of the front of the cheque too.

PayPal’s also pushing it as a personal Google Wallet or Visa’s payWave replacement, which will let you pay people for things simply using your PayPal account on your phone. It’s launching in the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia today, but unlike its competitor Square, it’ll actually be coming to the UK. Unfortunately we don’t have a time scale just yet, but there’s a “register your interest” page for you to plunk down your information to get notified when it’s available on our shores.

Considering we’re going electronic for almost everything these days, taking credit cards combined with NFC payments might mark the end of cash, or at least it might make your wallets a bit thinner and that can only be good. [PayPal, PayPal UK]

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